Our trip August to November 2012 (September 1-10)

September 10

The Kayak Kids and Remembering Ellie

Woke up to a cloudless blue sky and temperatures warmer than yesterday.

A quiet moment on the dock

After breakfast, the geriatric Kayak Kids took to the water:



We paddled down the lake and paused by Jeannine and Lorna’s sister Ellie’s old cottage, and thought about the good times we had spent there in years past. She died on this day in 2001.

Later in the day, we went back into Fenelon Falls and came back with only blackballs, jujubes and mango chutney to show for our efforts. However, we took a lovely walk along Cameron Lake, before returning home. Andy and Heather will be dropping by later tonight. The fox did not return. We will be heading for Ottawa around 10:00 AM tomorrow, and will spend a couple of nights in the Ottawa Municipal Campground before heading for Montreal and Sherbrooke. Will update when I can.

September 9

Lunch at Lagoon City and a Magical Moment

After attending the birthday celebration at Andy and Heathers’ house, and spending the night at Mickie’s, we stopped off at Carolyn’s to ooh and aah at her new kitchen, then headed back for the cottage. We stopped at Lagoon City (a “manufactured” community built along a series of canals leading out to Lake Simcoe, a little south of Orillia). We had a very nice lunch at the Harbour Inn:

As promised Dave, this one’s for Alexander!

After lunch, we walked out onto the lakeside breakwater.

Looking out to Lake Simcoe

Looking down the main canal toward Lagoon City

After returning to the cottage, we were sitting out having a drink, when a red fox walked across the lawn within 10 feet of us. It seemed relatively unafraid of us, and stopped for a few moments as if to say hello, then continued on his way. Didn’t have a camera with me, but will keep one handy in case he returns tomorrow. It was one of those magical moments that will remain one of the wonderful memories of this trip!

September 7

Fenelon Feeding Frenzy

The weather has turned cloudy and cooler, with the threat of a thunderstorm. Nonetheless, the day was spent in Fenelon Falls, where many stores were visited, much stuff was bought, and a nice lunch was had beside the lock. Just when it seemed safe to go back into Sobey’s for groceries, a bin of half-price napkins was spotted by the sisters, and the feeding frenzy began.

You can’t have too many napkins!

Carolyn and family arrived around dinnertime bearing clam chowder soup, cocktails were consumed and the Aaaron/Chris ongoing Battleship challenge was resumed.( In issuing the challenge, Aaron asked Chris “Are you sober?”) I think he wanted a “no” answer! This one ended tied at 1 apiece, which shows that Aaron is not only growing, he’s getting smarter.

You sank my battleship!

Off to Newmarket tomorrow for the 60th birthday celebration of Jeannine’s sister-in-law Heather.

September 6

Life at the Lake, Lunch at the Lock, Weeds in the Prop

A beautiful morning on Balsam Lake:

Life at the lake

After a lazy morning, we decided that since this appears to be the last day of really nice weather for a while, we would take a boat ride along the Trent Canal to the lift lock at Kirkfield, and have lunch there.

Trent Canal between Balsam Lake and Canal Lake

Cottages at entrance to Canal Lake

Found this restored 1959 Corvette parked at the restaurant:

Restored 1959 Corvette

After lunch, we wandered down to the lock:

Kirkfield Lift Lock
Another view of the lock

As we entered Balsam Lake on the way back, we were greeted by one of the resident loons. She had a young one with her, but he was camera-shy.

Loon on the Lake

The boat refused to accelerate properly, so John was going to settle for going at half speed back to the cottage. However, when he suggested that a drink would be nice when we got back, I suggested, in a manner that implied vast knowledge of boats and their workings, that maybe there were weeds in the prop. Turned out that that was exactly the problem; who knew?

September 5

Aurora, Elora and beyond

We left Hamilton on Monday morning, arriving in Elora around 11:30. We met up with Jeannine’s sister Mickie and spent some time poking around the stores of this lovely little community, including two owned by Mickie’s daughter-in-law (Jammed Lovely and Epiphany). Shameless plug! We had lunch at at Tim and Laura’s (Mickie’s son and daughter-in-law), then headed for Mickie’s house in Aurora, where we have spent the past two nights. We awoke on Tuesday morning to a good old Ontario thunder and lightning storm, and have had periods of rain since, although it has remained hot and humid. Thankfully, we are now at Jeannine’s sister Lorna’s cottage on Balsam Lake, where we plan to stay until next Wednesday, when we head to Ottawa. I will continue to post updates if anything interesting happens, and will try to add a few pictures as well.

September 2

Major Crimes and Lunch at the Club

As we were about to retire last night, there was a knock on the door. We opened it, to be greeted by a representative of the Hamilton Constabulary. Apparently there had been three complaints from a neighbour that we were committing a major crime; to wit: the storage box on the back of Priscilla was projecting 18″ over the sidewalk, and it was suggested that we remove it. We did so, quite cheerfully, and full of gratitude towards the unknown good-hearted citizen who had pointed out the error of our ways and helped us avoid a lengthy jail sentence (not!).

We were invited by MC’s neighbour down to the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club (dontcha know) for lunch, and were provided with a wedding on the lawn as lunchtime entertainment. A dip in the Club pool rounded out the afternoon. We had a very pleasant dinner with MC’s mother to round out the day. Off to Elora tomorrow to pick up Jeannine’s sister Mickie, and then on to Aurora for a couple of nights.

September 1


Slept in this morning, had a leisurely breakfast, then cleaned up and got ready to head for Hamilton. Our departure was expedited by witnessing a vehement argument between our American neighbours in the next campsite. When he shook his finger in her face, she slapped him and then drove off in their car, we took that as our cue to leave. We had an uneventful drive to Ancaster, where we visited with MC’s mother, then went to MC’s house in Hamilton proper, where we are parked in her neighbour’s driveway for the next couple of nights.

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