Our trip August to November 2012 (September 11-16)

September 16

A Step Backward (in time)

After going to Mass this morning in a very pretty little church nearby, Cathy took us to Kings Landing. The following description comes from their brochure:

“Kings Landing was created in the late 1960’s. the buildings were moved to this site to allow construction of a hydro-electric dam, which raised the water level, which raised the level of the St. John River over 150 feet. The research on each home was meticulous, and the history presented is based on real families.” (By and large, these were Loyalist families who had fled north after the American War of Independence).

The weather was sunny and a bit on the cool side, and was perfect for the 6 hours we spent exploring this wonderful historical site, occupying a beautiful acreage along the St. John River. It is absolutely worth seeing if you are ever in this area. Here are just a few pictures. I will put the rest on Fotki http://public.fotki.com/TwoDwarves/).

Water Wheel, Kings Landing

St. Patrick’s Presbyterian Church, still used for services once a month

Overlooking the St. John River

The Ingraham house 4-holer – a model of efficiency

We’re planning to spend the day in Fredericton tomorrow, so will try to find Wifi access to post this.

September 15

Fifty Shades of Grey

No, not the book, the weather. We awoke to a change in the weather, with cooler temperatures and building clouds. We went for a walk along the lake, then returned to the cottage for a rest:

The Girls Chillin’

We took a short drive into a 175-year-old hamlet called Harvey Station, which, logically enough, grew up as a stop on the railway line.

Kevin, the cottage owner, and his wife came by in the afternoon and we sat aroung talking while a thunder and lightning storm raged outside. Very exciting. Later in the evening, the weather began to clear, and we had a lovely evening:

Lake George Sunset

September 14

Maine Marathon

Today was simply a very long, alhough quite scenic in many places, drive from Sherbrooke to Lake George, New Brunswick, where we are staying at Cathy’s nephew’s cottage for a few days.

River near Skowhegan

The drive took us across Maine, with the requisite Customs stops at each border. This time, it was the US Customs that gave us a quick lesson on liquor import/export regulations. We listened with vacant expressions, which he obviously mistook for comprehension, because eventually he let us go on our merry way. The young lady at the Canadian end waved us through with barely a glance. We finally arrived at the cottage around 7:00 PM, having had to switch to Atlantic Time. We were very tired, having been on the road for nearly 8 hours. A couple of drinks and a very late supper, and we fell into bed.

September 13

Of Cathy and Coldpatch

Stopped at the campground office to post yesterday’s entry, then left for Montreal to pick up Cathy at her older sister’s care home. The drive had its moments, but was largely uneventful. Our faithful GPS led us directly to the front door, and about 20 minutes later, we were on our way to Sherbrooke, after surviving Montreal traffic and roadwork. When we arrived in Sherbrooke, it quickly became evident that this city wins, hands down, the award for the worst roads I have ever been on. Elsewhere, most roads consist of road dotted by spots of coldpatch (those shovelfuls of cold asphalt thrown into potholes); in Sherbrooke, the roads consist of coldpatch interspersed with bits of road, which seem to be designed to test the quality of your fillings. We are spending the night at Cathy’s brother’s place, and will be picking up her sister tomorrow to head for Fredericton (via the state of Maine), about 7-8 hours’ drive. Once we are ensconced at the nephew’s cottage on Lake George for a few days, I may not have internet access, so will post another update when I can.

September 11/12

Cruising Ottawa and Getting Lucky

No, not that kind of lucky; get your mind out of the gutter. We left the cottage around 10:00 on Tuesday and arrived at the Ottawa Municipal Campground mid-afternoon. After a quick consultation, we headed out to the local Park and Ride (known in French as the “Park O Bus”), and caught a bus downtown, about a 45 minute ride. We found the Parliament Pub, right opposite the Parliament Buildings, and had a brew and a meal.

Here’s to you, Stephen!

Thus fortified, we walked all around the Center Block and admired the gorgeous views across the river into Gatineau.

Gatineau Sunset

We decided to wend our way back to the bus stop to head home, but stopped two ladies to ask for directions. Long story short, they were headed across the street to the National Arts Centre to attend a Celtic Thunder concert. We looked at each other, the light of sheer irresponsibility in our eyes, and decided to go see if there were any tickets available. Not only had some just been released, but they were Orchestra, Row G, dead centre. It was a great concert; serendipity is a wonderful thing! We caught a late bus back to the Park and Ride, picked up Priscilla and arrived back at the campsite around 11:00.

Today (Wednesday), we walked to the campgorund office and called a taxi to take us to the Park and Ride, then caught a bus downtown, where we transferred to another which dropped us at the Museum of Civilization, where we spent the next 6 hours, including a 3D Imax movie on the Arctic. Even then, we didn’t see everything.

Museum of Civilization

Museum of Civilization

We caught the bus back to downtown Ottawa and wandered the Sparks St. pedestrian Mall for a while, although most stores were closed by then. However, Jeannine did manage to find Ontario and Quebec pins for Priscilla. We headed back to the Parliament Pub to celebrate, only to discover that the kitchen was closed. “Not even peanuts?” we asked, only to be told that they are not allowed to serve them, as they encourage drinking. As our waiter said, “Welcome to Ontario!” We had a beer, then found a pita place to fill the hole that 7 hours of walking had generated. We caught a bus and taxi back to the campground, where we are sucking back well-earned Green Apple Martinis. Off to Montreal tomorrow to pick up Cathy, then head for Sherbrooke.

One thought on “Our trip August to November 2012 (September 11-16)

  1. very fun reading your blog…thanks for doing it. We are at the cottage today and of course enjoying it immensely. Hope you re enjoying your cottage experience
    as well

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