Our Trip August to November 2012 (October 19-24)

Wednesday  October 24

Checked out in Tubac

We drove to Tubac, an arts and crafts town about an hour and a half away, and spent a couple of hours wandering the shops in this unique community. It really is a very pretty place:


This one’s for you Mickie!

On the way home, we passed through our second border patrol check in two days. They really take it seriously, and at one of the checkpoints, we saw a compound full of dozens of border patrol vehicles, which they must use after dark. We stopped to get some gas and do some grocery shopping, then returned to the campsite as darkness fell. We plan to visit Biosphere 2 tomorrow, just north of Tucson.

Tuesday  October 23

An O.K. Day

We drove to Tombstone, about half an hour south of here, and spent the day exploring the historic part of the city. Our activities included walking the main street:

Historic Tombstone Main Street

checking out the locals:

A few of the locals

The Kid With No Name

and watching a reenactment of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral:

O.K. Corral reenactment

We also visited the original courthouse, the Bird Cage Theatre with its original grand piano, had lunch at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, and watched an interesting diorama/film presentation about the history of Tombstone. Just before leaving town, we paid a visit to Boot Hill (yes, there is a real Boot Hill), which contains the graves of those killed at the O.K.Corral, among others:

I’m not sure George would appreciate the humour

It was a great place to visit, and we learned a lot.

Monday  October 22

A Little Something For The Ducks

We spent the morning hanging around the pool, and the afternoon hanging around the lake, feeding the ducks and geese:

“Mine, mine…”

“Give me a quacker and put it on my bill.”

We had an interesting conversation with an older couple from New Jersey, who have been full-time RV’ing for the last 10 years, then returned to Priscilla to watch the final Presidential debate. We plan on heading to Tombstone for the day tomorrow.

Sunday October 21

On a Southerly Heading

We left Kip and Cindy’s in late morning and headed south toward Tucson, making a slight detour into Casa Grande for some cheap gas. We arrived in St. David, about an hour south of Tucson, and got settled into a full-service campsite in mid-afternoon. It is quite nice here; there is a clubhouse/activity area, pool (heated) and hot tub, two small lakes, and we have a cable hookup. We spent the afternoon at the pool, then packed up our reading material and chairs and went down to the lakeshore to read, watch the ducks and geese, and enjoy a wonderful sunset. The weather is very warm and sunny, and expected to remain that way for the rest of the week. We will be staying here until Thursday morning. We plan to kick back by the pool tomorrow, then start making a couple of day trips, including Tombstone, which is south and east of us. The internet connection here is slow and flaky, but I will try and include a couple of pictures in the next post.

Saturday October 20

Landing On Our Feet

After a completely lazy morning hanging out in the backyard,

Cindy and Coco

Cindy took us to a store called “Roadrunner”, which specializes in creating custom insoles to help fix foot, back and hip problems. They take a bunch of measurements, then put you on a treadmill and film your feet and lower legs as you walk. This is then analyzed and 3D images are produced which show pressure points. Insoles are then heated and formed to your foot to adjust for the pressure points. (Of course, insoles need to go inside something, shoes for example. So you can guess how the story ends.) In all seriousness, they apparently produce great results, so we’ll see if the foot and hip problems get better.

We then headed down to Old Scottsdale, which, as its name implies, is the original, very western part of town. Quite a neat place to wander around, with lots of shops (particularly jewellery), and we completed the afternoon with a beer at one of the local watering holes.

We are headed south tomorrow to a place near Tucson called St. David. We will be there for 4 nights, and plan to do some day trips, including one to Tombstone.

Friday October 19

Wasting Away Again in Margaritaville

So here we are at the Kip and Cindy Scottsdale Resort, the best one we have been at yet. It was a short drive, and we dropped into a Costco before continuing to Scottsdale. The weather is very warm and the sky remains cloudless. Kip went out to a John Fogarty concert, so Cindy and Jeannine settled out by the pool with a a pitcher full of Margaritas, while I slaved away updating the blog and uploading pictures to Fotki. Not sure what the plans are for tomorrow, but whatever they turn out to be, we are very happy to be here.

3 thoughts on “Our Trip August to November 2012 (October 19-24)

  1. glad you are having a wonderful time. the weather has been really nice here too. we are heading to the cottage tomorrow will email

  2. No path-crossing with Honey Boo Boo? Despite Priscilla’s amenities, I’ve no doubt the the resort stay is welcome. Big news out of Hamilton is Lincoln Alexander’s death yesterday. He was 90, so not tragic, but he was a big man in this town.

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