Our Trip August to November 2012 (November 11-17)

Sunday  November 11 – Saturday November 17

The Sailors Are Home From The Sea: Highlight Reel

– our cabin, which was bigger than expected:

Our cabin

Our cabin

Our cabin (night)

– overhearing the story of some guy hitting on another guy’s wife in the hot tub; the husband jumped in the tub, cowboy hat, boots and all, and started beating on the offender (welcome to the “Fun Ship”)

–  Karaoke, ranging from very good to truly awful

– winning a Trivia trophy on our first try, described by the trivia host as a “plastic ship on a stick”. We’re proud of it anyway;

At least it’s gold-coloured

– watching Carnival’s version of the old “Love and marriage” gameshow, wherein 3 pairs of contestants (in this case, passenger couples who had been married 2 months, 35 years and 60 years), are asked (sometimes embarrasing) questions about each other to see if their answers match up, and thus demonstrate how well they really know their partners. The absolute highlight of this one was the ansers of the newlyweds to this one:

Question – What is the strangest or most bizarre place you have made whoopee?

Her answer: “The back of the sofa”.

His answer: “I may have misunderstood the question, because I put down “Her butt”.

The quizmaster, who was the cruise director, was so overwhelmed with laughter that he had to literally crawl off the stage, quickly followed by the wife, who was so embarrased that she had to be coaxed back on.

Cabo San Lucas

– being lured into a jewellery store by free beer and almond tequila shooters – walking out an hour later with our current jewellery cleaned and a new pinky ring for Jeannine. Our salesperson, Juan Rodriguez, should be teaching sales technique at the Harvard School of Business; he’s that good.

– lunch at the Mi Casa restaurant:

A small part of the “Mi Casa”…

…Complete with fortune-telling canaries

– meeting a lovely mother-daughter duo, who became dinner and show companions (Valerie and Susan Taylor – what are the chances?)

Valerie and Susan

– snorkelling trip to Chilleno Bay and Santa Maria Bay. Lots of beautiful fish and a bonus appeaarnce by 3 adult and one juvenile migrating whales. We were close enough to hit them with a rock.

– Pancho the Sea Lion, ridng the swim step of a boat in the harbour while being fed

– sign on a fishing charter kiosk on the dock: “A real fishing company; no bullshit”

– reluctantly leaving Cabo San Lucas:

Cabo sunset

Puerto Vallarta

– pirate ship in Puerto Vallarta harbour:

There is a lot of pirate history in this bay


– “When Good Time Shares Go Bad” – exchanging a free phone call and two free beers for a  with a sales job showdown from a resort club tag team. The match ended in a draw.

– drinking $1.00 beer and margaritas at the Sea Monkey on the beach, and meeting a true (Canadian) character named Brenda, an ex-trucker turned ESL teacher, now living in Puerto Vallarta

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