New RV, New Adventures

Click on image for a larger view.

For those who followed our tour around Canada and the U.S. last year may remember, my final post mentioned that a larger RV was being considered, and lo, it came to pass. While we loved the Pleasureway, one of the things we learned was that when inclement weather came around, it became annoying to have to unmake and remake the bed in order to have somewhere to eat. After falling in love with a Leisurevan Serenity in Texas, we found one at a dealership in Langley B.C., and after much indecision, we traded Priscilla in on a newer (2012) and sexier model. It is 25′ long and has two sleeping areas (one of which serves as the dining area when we are alone, and makes into abed for the grandkids. It also has a dry bathroom with a stand-up shower and a generator for dry camping. May I introduce you to “Lucy Leisurevan”:


We have already managed to get in a couple of short trips to Cluxewe and French Beach, both on Vancouver Island. Our longer trip will occur in late August, when we plan to take in a Leisurevan Owner’s Rally in Winkler Manitoba, continuing on via the Lakehead to visit family in Ontario. We will return through Sault St. Marie to the U.S., returning home by October 15(see posts on the right-hand side).

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