August 26

Tickleberry, Squeeze Me, Make Me Wine

It rained during the night and did not look very promising this morning, but we had made plans to drive to Penticton to visit with Anne, Nichol’s mother. She took us on a tour, beginning with Tickleberry’s, justly famous for its ice-cream: not only the flavour, but the outrageous size of its portions (a child size is big enough to feed an average adult, and if you order the biggest 4-scooper, they take your picture and put it on their wall.) Our pictures are not on the wall. The rest of the place is an eclectic mix of merchandise (a stuffed toy here, a Buddha there).




No words needed

After stuffing ourselves stupid, we proceeded to visit two local wineries. The first, called See Ya Later, was so named because the original owner married a lady from Ottawa and dragged her west to live his dream. She was somewhat less than enthusiastic. One morning, he awoke to find a note which said “Gone back to Ottawa; see ya later”. It is quite the setting; 100 acres of vines high above the valley:


Overlooking part of the winery and Skaha Lake.

We participated enthusiastically in wine-tasting and left with a few bottles (we’re going to try to save them for Ontario). Then on to the “Blasted Church” winery, where the same process repeated itself. (You can Google the story behind this one.) We took time for some wine and appies overlooking the vineyard; exceplaisant! After returning to Anne’s we left for home as the rain and lightning set in, arriving back around 5:30.

3 thoughts on “August 26

  1. I forgot to mention that ice cream and wine i a wonderful way to celebrate mother’s birthday. She would be 106 today…I think

  2. Good to see that you were able to make it for a visit! It looks like you had a full but tasty day. Matt approves of the chocolate chip mint cone 🙂 Hopefully the weather will clear – enjoy the valley!

    Nichol, Matt, and Mingy

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