August 27

An Exhausting Round of Activities

We spent a couple of hours this morning visiting with a couple we met yesterday, who are in their mid-70’s and spent 15 years travelling much like we are doing, but who have now become permanent residents of the resort here. He was a realtor in Courtenay; small world. We had a bite of breakfast, then went down to feed the turtles and carp; who knew you could feed wild turtles by hand?

Think he's done this before?

Think he’s done this before?

After the feeding frenzy, we passed a pleasant couple of hours reading in a swing chair overlooking the lake. We then made our way to the Rec Centre, where we connected with Matt and Nichol via Facetime, then lazed away the rest of the afternoon in the adult conversation pool:


Happy Bear!

Tough day. Tomorrow we are heading for the Lake Louise Campground in Banff National Park, about a 6-hour drive, including the change to Mountain Time. We are there for two nights, so will probably not be able to update until I have WiFi access when we reach Maple Creek on Friday.

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