September 30

September 30

Colours And Construction

We had a nice breakfast with Brian and Mickie before leaving around 10:30 for what was supposed to be a 5.5 hour trip to Sault St. Marie, but turned out to be somewhat longer than that due to a plethora of construction delays and a stop for gas and lunch. The fall colours are in full swing; here is a sample of what we saw on the way:

We finally arrived at the Holiday Inn at 5:30 (we were fortunate to be able to book a room online, as there are many visitors in town to take the Agawa Canyon train tour. We are going across the road to use the Cineplex passes we got three weeks ago due to the power outage to see “Prisoners”. We are planning to get a reasonably early start tomorrow to make the 9.5 hour drive to Spring Grove Minnesota.


Sault Sunset

September 29

September 29

A Change In The Weather; Drinks At The Club

The weather has turned cooler and cloudier, so we won’t feel quite as badly about having to begin the journey home tomorrow. Fortunately, although the skies were threatening all day, the rain managed to hold off long enough for one last boat ride, (with Marie in tow on her wakeboard):


After Marie and Jon had left for Toronto in mid-afternoon, the rest of us drove to The Ridge at Manitou, a beautiful golf course situated on a lake, and had drinks and snacks. I was particularly taken with this chandelier:


We had planned an early morning start tomorrow to make the 12-hour drive to Eagle Valley Wisconsin, but sanity finally kicked in, and we will be leaving here mid-morning, going as far as Sault St. Marie and staying in a Holiday Inn instead. On Tuesday, we will head for Spring Grove Minnesota, still a 9-hour drive, but much better than 12! We have had a wonderful few days here, and will be sorry to leave.

September 26-27

September 26-27

We spent Thursday afternoon at Beth’s babysitting Nathan and Lily while Beth was at her music lesson, and then stayed for dinner. On Friday, we went over to Heather’s to show her the motorhome, then to Carolyn’s to do the same. We left for Marie’s cottage at around 2:30 and arrived at around 4:30. The weather was perfect and the views no less so:



September 23-25

September 23-25

Bass Pro Pilgrimage; From Aurora To Elora And Laura

We left Lorna’s cottage on Monday around 3:00 and arrived at Mickie’s in Aurora around 5:30. Andy and Heather came over for dinner, and since the four siblings are rarely in the same place at the same time, we had a group picture taken:


L-R: Andy, Mickie, Lorna, Brian, Jeannine, John, Heather, Chris

On Tuesday, we made the annual pilgrimage to the Bass Pro store, where a few purchases were made. Here are the exhausted shoppers resting next to the freshwater fish aquarium:



Long-nosed Gar

We had lunch at the adjoining mall, and the shopping frenzy continued. Last night, we enjoyed a wonderful PVR’d concert by Allison Kraus.

Today we went to Elora to see Laura and Tim, Mickie’s son and his wife, and to visit Laura’s 2 stores. We had a delicious lunch at Bonnie Lou’s, a great little restaurant in Floradale, near Elora. The weather was sunny and reasonably warm. We returned to Aurora around 6:30 after a very pleasant day.

September 22

September 22

“Valentine” Day

John and Lorna went down to Peterborough this morning and returned about 2:00, so we spent the time doing some laundry and arranging some camping reservations for the return trip. The weather remains very cool and cloudy, so it was kind of an indoor day. It was brightened, however, by  visit from Shirley Valentine:


“Didn’t recognize me, did you?”

We will be leaving for Mickie’s tomorrow afternoon, and will be there until Friday, when we head for Marie’s cottage near Parry Sound.


September 21

September 21

Weather Fit For Ducks

The weather turned rainy overnight and into the day today, so we spent the morning reading and generally vegging out in the cottage. We drove into Fenelon Falls for lunch when the rain let up, and went for a walk along the lake. The ducks didn’t seem to mind the weather:


A dock of ducks

We returned to the cottage as the rain returned with a vengeance. It finally let up for good at around 7:00. A laid-back day.