September 1

September 1

What Am I Bid For This Bottle Of Blackcurrant And Honey Wine?

We slept in and had a late breakfast this morning, then headed into Maple Creek to sit in on an auction that was being held to raise funds for equipment for the local hospital. We had thoughts of bidding on a Hudson’s Bay blanket, but the bids rapidly took it out of our range. We did run into the teacher we had met yesterday, and he introduced me to two teachers who taught at the school the same year I did. After a few hours, we left and decided to visit the local Cypress Hills Winery, which opened in 2007 and has already won awards for its fruit wines. It is a lovely little place, and we stayed to have some wine and cheese on a patio overlooking the koi pond. A lovely way to spend the afternoon.

We returned to town and stopped by our friend’s place to pick up a DVD that he had made for me of the school yearbook for the year I was there. We cooked burgers and had a campfire before calling it a night.

The answer to the identity of the mystery object from yesterday’s post is that it was a wagon jack, used to raise the axles of the wooden wagons when wheels needed to be replaced or repaired. The objects behind it are wagon wheel halves.

We are headed for Indian Head tomorrow for two nights.

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