September 2

September 2

Plains, Trains and Indian Heads

We were on the road by 8:00 this morning, and after a couple of stops for gas and other items, we arrived in Indian Head by early afternoon. The most interesting thing we saw was a dead Pronghorn Antelope by the side of the highway; otherwise, the Plains are just…well, plain. This is a very nice campground, with friendly hosts and a pool, which was a blessing, as the weather has been sunny and hot.


Indian Head Campground

Before establishing ourselves in our campsite, we drove into Indian Head itself to find an ATM. Typical prairie town; one main street (euphemistically called Grand Avenue), and one of the suggested attractions for tourists to go and see is: wait for it……an 18 ft. high concrete Indian head. After much debate (lasting about 3 seconds), we decided to spend tomorrow doing anything but that. We plan on kicking back around the pool, going walkabout etc., given that when we arrive in Winkler on Wednesday, our days will be a little fuller. The campground is only a few hundred yards away from the railway line, and we have been treated to a few long trains already. After a while it becomes background noise; kind of neat actually.

Incidentally, given that we have decent Wifi here, I have uploaded the video of the harpist in the Lake Louise Chateau to the August 29 post if anyone is interested.


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