September 3

September 3

A Plethora Of Prepositions: Clean Up, Budget In, Back Out, Walk About, Sun Down

The weather stayed cloudy and a bit cooler than was forecast, and that, coupled with the fact that I tweaked my back this morning, kept us pretty much around the campsite all day. Jeannine cleaned up and swept out Lucy and caught up on keeping track of our budget (not a pretty sight!), while I hobbled around and inhaled Ibuprofen. Later in the afternoon, we went for a lengthy walk.

We have made a couple of changes to our itinerary; we will be staying for two nights in Sault St. Marie at the Holiday Inn. We will be going to Mackinac Island for a day visit and have arranged a tour package, which includes the return ferry fare and a guided horse-drawn carriage ride around the island (no vehicles are allowed on the island) and a visit to Fort Mackinac. We will return to Sault St. Marie that night. The next day, we will drive to South Bay Resort on Manitoulin Island, where we will stay overnight, then take the ferry to Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula, arriving at about 1:10. It will then take us about 4 hrs. to reach Lorna’s cottage on September 12.

We leave tomorrow for Winkler to attend the Owners Rally until Saturday. I may not be able to update again until we reach Dryden next Saturday, as Wifi may not be available until then, So for now, enjoy an Indian Head sunset:


Prairie Sunset


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