September 4-7

September 4-7

Having A Rally Good Time; Letting Our Bible Belts Out; Tour Groupies; If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out Of The Motorhome

Greetings from Dryden Ontario. We have come around the back side of the WiFi moon, and are now connected to civilization once more. We have spent a busy three days at the Owners Rally in Winkler Manitoba, and despite very hot and humid weather (we are talking low 30’s), we not only survived, but had a pretty good time. The days were filled with a busy schedule of workshops, seminars and tours during the day and pretty good entertainment at night. The Bible Camp facilities were excellent, and their staff provided really good (too good) meals every day. There were 82 motorhomes there from all over the States and Canada; here are a few of them:


We are about halfway up on the right side

We became friends with our neighbours, who are from the Winkler area, and spent evenings sitting in front of our vans and cuddling the camp kittens;


A little blurry, but you get the idea

Between us, we went on a few tours:

Thresherman’s Farm Museum; a re-creation of a working Mennonite farm community from the 1800’s, staffed and worked on entirely by volunteers:


Original one-room schoolhouse (inside)


Original one-room schoolhouse (outside)


Tractor and belt-driven threshing machine


Can anyone guess what this is? (Answer in next post))


The four licence plates on the left are made out of moose hide


Sod house; a temporary structure; the family lived in the front, and the farm animals lived in the back


A high chair made from two other chairs; the ingenuity and craftsmanship was amazing

The Elemental Stone Garden: this is a labour of love for the owner, who has carved all of this and much more:

IMG_0698IMG_0699While Jeannine was getting “stoned”, I went for a tour of the factory where our motorhome was made, which was really interesting. We also attended a technical seminar, where we learned a number of useful tips. We also managed to get a couple of things fixed while we were there.

After a final breakfast of waffles with fruit and whipped cream toppings, we let out our belts, said a fond goodbye to our new-found friends next door, and pulled out for Dryden, arriving about 5:00. Tomorrow we head for Kakabeka Falls, a fairly short 3.5 hour drive.

I have uploaded all of the pictures we have taken so far to Fotki;

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Our Trip August 25-October 15” album.

2 thoughts on “September 4-7

  1. glad you had such a good time.We are at the cottage after having attended a seminar with Michael Dowd which was excellent. See you soon.Lorna

  2. In answer to your question of what the unnamed gizmo is in the picture, it’s a milk separator. We had one in our basement when I was growing up, and in addition to learning how to milk a cow, I also became quite proficient in assembling, using, and disassembling this machine. You pour the milk in the top, and it separates the cream from the milk. Hope your rally hosts fed you at least one meal of farmer’s sausage and vereniki-a real Mennonite meal!
    Elvera Penner

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