September 8

September 8

Swiss Watch; I’m Kakabeka Fallin’ For You

When we stopped for gas about 2 hours after leaving Winkler, we pulled in behind a couple who had been parked near us at the Rally; what are the chances?

At the Dryden campground last night, which is managed by an elderly Swiss couple, the neighbouring campsite had a fire ring, while we did not. The elderly Swiss husband had been making unannounced visits constantly, asking if we were having a good time and seeing if there was anything we needed ((at least, we think that’s what he was asking, as most of what he said (in a heavy Swiss accent) was unintelligible, so we smiled and nodded a lot. He assured us we could use the neighbour’s fire ring, as he was not expected back until the next day. We gathered some loose wood and started a small but cozy fire. Sure enough, 5 minutes later he was back, asking after our welfare and if we liked the campground. When we assured him that we did, he asked if we wanted to buy it (it is apparently for sale). We smiled, nodded and said maybe some other time. Nice to know that we were being watched over so carefully.

We were on the road relatively early this morning, and reached the Kakabeka Falls campground in mid-afternoon. We paid a visit to the Falls itself, which is the highest waterfall in northern Ontario, falling some 40 metres on its way to Lake Superior, and where, at its base, fossils 1.6 billion years old have been found.


Above the Falls


Kakabeka Falls

The campground here is very nice, and while I luxuriated in a shower, Jeannine went for the swim-and-hot tub combo. We barbecued some burgers for dinner. Since we have an 8-hour drive to Sault St. Marie tomorrow, along with planned stops at the Terry Fox Memorial, the Wawa Goose and Agawa, we are planning on an early start.

The answer to the identity of yesterday’s mystery object was guessed correctly by one reader, who remembers using one. It is a milk separator; milk is poured in the top, and it separates the milk from the cream. The milk comes out of one “spout”, and the cream out of the other.

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