September 10

September 10

Where Were You When The lights Went Out?; The Kindness Of Strangers

As for us, we were 15 minutes from the end of “The Butler” in a Cineplex in the mall across the street when the power went out in the mall, the hotel and much of the surrounding area. This was the result of a violent thunder and lightning storm that developed while we were watching the movie. The theatre people had us gather in the lobby in the romantic glow of the emergency lighting and issued us vouchers for a free movie, then we exited the mall to find ourselves faced with torrential rainfall. An elderly couple generously drove us back to the hotel, for which we were very grateful.

{An aside about our visit to Agawa yesterday: Jeannine suggested I wear the “Nice Things North Staff” shirt I picked up when we were there a few years ago. Predictably, several of the staff went to June Demers and asked who the new staff member was, and one of them almost suggested I get back to work instead of browsing the merchandise.}

We could not use the elevators at the hotel, so it was just as well we were only on the second floor. The power was restored about an hour after we returned.

This morning we mall-crawled for a couple of hours and had lunch there. We spent the afternoon in the pool and hot tub and generally relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. The rain returned with a vengeance just as we decided to go back to the mall for a slice of pizza. Of course, we did not bring an umbrella with us; we have one now! We also discovered that the hotel has a self-service laundry, so we did a load (this is for you Cathy!) Off to Manitoulin Island tomorrow.


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