September 11

September 11

Feeling A Bit “Washed Out”; Blue Skies Shinin’ On Us

We left the hotel at about 9:30 after a hearty complimentary breakfast and got back on the Trans-Canada headed for Manitoulin Island. We got as far as Thessalon before being directed onto a lengthy detour around a section of the highway that had been washed out by the same storm we experienced in Sault St. Marie. While it was a very pretty drive through country roads, it did add about 25 minutes to our drive time. That, together with a few other construction delays and a Timmy’s stop in Blind River, put us at the South Baymouth Campground at about 3:30. We have a waterfront campsite, and there is nobody else in any of the other waterfront sites, and in fact, very few other people period. It is a beautiful setting:


South Bay, looking toward Tobermory

The sun came out, and Jeannine felt compelled to go for a swim:


To show how shallow the water is, here is how far out she actually was:


We are only a couple of minutes from the ferry to Tobermory, so we should be at Lorna’s cottage around 5:00. Once there, I will update every few days.

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