September 12

September 12

The Long And Winding Road; “Construction” Is A Four-letter Word

We spent a lovely evening watching the sun set and the fog roll in:


You can see the fog bank just to the right of Jeannine’s head

We scratched our heads over this one:

DSC_0127We were at the ferry in good time and visited a gift shop while we were waiting, then watched the ferry arrive:


The Chi-Cheemaun ferry

We waved goodbye to Manitoulin Island:


Leaving South Baymouth

After a very pleasant 2-hour trip, we disembarked at Tobermory and set the navigation unit for the cottage. It decided that the quickest way there was a circuitous route through smaller highways, which, although quite pretty, were littered with construction zones and tiny towns. Eventually, we arrived at the cottage at about 5:45, five minutes after Lorna and John had arrived from Toronto. After they toured Lucy, we had dinner and had a quiet evening.

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