September 23-25

September 23-25

Bass Pro Pilgrimage; From Aurora To Elora And Laura

We left Lorna’s cottage on Monday around 3:00 and arrived at Mickie’s in Aurora around 5:30. Andy and Heather came over for dinner, and since the four siblings are rarely in the same place at the same time, we had a group picture taken:


L-R: Andy, Mickie, Lorna, Brian, Jeannine, John, Heather, Chris

On Tuesday, we made the annual pilgrimage to the Bass Pro store, where a few purchases were made. Here are the exhausted shoppers resting next to the freshwater fish aquarium:



Long-nosed Gar

We had lunch at the adjoining mall, and the shopping frenzy continued. Last night, we enjoyed a wonderful PVR’d concert by Allison Kraus.

Today we went to Elora to see Laura and Tim, Mickie’s son and his wife, and to visit Laura’s 2 stores. We had a delicious lunch at Bonnie Lou’s, a great little restaurant in Floradale, near Elora. The weather was sunny and reasonably warm. We returned to Aurora around 6:30 after a very pleasant day.

One thought on “September 23-25

  1. great pictures Chris. I hope you will send us the family on so we can have it enlarged. You all look happy and satisfied after your shopping spree. Should we all be saving the gar??? Where do they live???

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