September 29

September 29

A Change In The Weather; Drinks At The Club

The weather has turned cooler and cloudier, so we won’t feel quite as badly about having to begin the journey home tomorrow. Fortunately, although the skies were threatening all day, the rain managed to hold off long enough for one last boat ride, (with Marie in tow on her wakeboard):


After Marie and Jon had left for Toronto in mid-afternoon, the rest of us drove to The Ridge at Manitou, a beautiful golf course situated on a lake, and had drinks and snacks. I was particularly taken with this chandelier:


We had planned an early morning start tomorrow to make the 12-hour drive to Eagle Valley Wisconsin, but sanity finally kicked in, and we will be leaving here mid-morning, going as far as Sault St. Marie and staying in a Holiday Inn instead. On Tuesday, we will head for Spring Grove Minnesota, still a 9-hour drive, but much better than 12! We have had a wonderful few days here, and will be sorry to leave.

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