October 1

October 1

Take Me Home, Country Roads

We left Sault St. Marie at 9:00 this morning but spent a bit of time at American Customs. There were several lines of cars, and of course, we picked the lane that decided to have a shift change right after the car in front of us had been cleared. The new guy was of course full of energy, and after a number of questions, asked me to turn off the engine and let him have a look around inside.From his reaction, we weren’t sure how much of his “search” was a look for contraband, and how much was simple interest. he asked how much it cost and whether it was comfortable, finally letting us go after 10 minutes or so. We suspect the people in the cars behind us were less than thrilled.

We spent the next ten and a half hours being led by “Stephanie”, the voice of our navigation unit, down every county road (with designations such as “County Road A, County Road EE” etc.), and past every farm in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The saving grace was that the majority of the drive was through very lovely country, full of the colours of autumn, and occasionally passing along the LakeMichigan shoreline, all in sunny warm weather. We had not been in the Upper Peninsula area before, and we can see why people rave about it. After the requisite stops for sustenance, both for us and Lucy, we arrived at the campground just as the sun was setting behind the hills.

After a well-deserved Corona and a late supper, we headed for bed.

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