October 2

October 2

Tours, Planned And Unplanned

We slept in a bit this morning after yesterday’s marathon. We took a bit of a walk around the campground (very few people here); it is quite lovely:


A river runs through it…

During a visit to the campground office, we found a brochure advertising an Amish farms tour, so we phoned and made a reservation for the 1:30 tour, which left from a hotel in downtown Lanesboro, half an hour away. More on Lanesboro later. While at the office, we also found out that Yellowstone Park, our destination two days hence, has been closed due to the U.S. Government shutdown. This necessitated a quick change in plans, so we are currently booked into an extra day at Mount Rushmore instead.

Back to Lanesboro; think Mayberry. This is small-town America at its finest, a very pretty little place of 700 people. When our tour guide arrived with the van, it turned out we were the only two passengers; she had had 12 on the morning tour! We spent the next three hours visiting Amish farms in the area, getting a wealth of history about the Amish history in this area, as well as interesting information about their culture. Along the way, we saw a lot of handmade goods, ranging from wooden furniture and toys to quilts, baskets, and preserves. The woodworking skills on display were amazing. The creativity and craftsmanship of these two items are a good example:


It’s a high chair


Now it’s a rocking horse


Now it’s a play table


It’s a chair


Now it’s an ironing board


Now it’s a step ladder

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour and learned a lot. At the last farm we went to, I got a chuckle out of this:


Amish Stop sign

After getting back to town, we had a Taco salad at a little restaurant on the main street. It happened to have the Weather Channel on, which is how we found out about Winter Storm Atlas, which is predicted to dump snow and rain, along with high winds guess where? Right; across a good portion of the Plains states, exactly where we are heading. Just as well we cancelled Yellowstone; it is supposed to be hit too.

On top of that sobering piece of news, the trip back to the campground, which should have taken 30 minutes, took almost three times that, due partly to our faulty memories, partly to a suspect map given to us by the campground people, and partly due to Stephanie, our lovely nav unit voice, who decided to take us on an extended tour of all of the farm country we had missed on the first tour. When we finally got back, a couple of Coronas and a fire made the experience look a little better. We are going to bed early tonight in order to get an early start tomorrow, as we really don’t know what we will be running into. As Jian Ghomeshi says, “To be continued”.

One thought on “October 2

  1. i love the Whoa sign…makes you think doesn’t it. I wondered about Yellowstone when I heard the U.S. shutdown. Is there really going to be a snowstorm??? Love you both

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