October 4

October 4

If You’re Handed Lemons, Make Corn And Sex

When we checked the weather advisories this morning, it appears that we made the right decision to stay here. Portions of the I-90 have been closed during the day, and more than 1 1/2 feet of snow has fallen in Rapid City. We discovered that the local amateur theatre company’s fall production, “No Sex Please, We’re British”, opens tonight, so we ordered tickets online. We then headed into downtown Mitchell to pick up our tickets at the theatre, The theatre manager was happy to take us on a guided tour through the facility, which was built in 2005 to replace the original theatre which burnt down. It is quite a nice facility:



We then went down the street to see the one and only “Corn Palace”; it is certainly a one of a kind building, originally designed as a place for the community to hold events. It now houses a basketball court which has apparently been voted by some national organization as one of the 10 best venues in the U.S. for high school basketball, but it also holds many other events and concerts. This weekend, it is the home of a bull-riding competition. In this case, pictures are definitely worth more than words:





Needless to say, all of the pictures/panels/murals are made out of corn products, and there are ten fields dedicated to growing the different colours of corn used in the murals, which are changed on a regular basis and designed by local artists.

I’ll leave you with this (only in America):


We’re hoping to get out of here tomorrow and start heading west, assuming the highway has been re-opened.

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