October 8

October 8

Shopping Spokane Here

We spent the day in Spokane, managing to hit a Jo-Anne’s quilting supply store, a Costco, a Best Buy, and a Camping World, where financial damage of some degree was inflicted at each. We passed the afternoon at a mall, where we had a bite to eat, then went to see “Gravity” in 3D. While it played a little fast and loose with the laws of physics, and the plot was a bit of a stretch, it is certainly entertaining, and the cinematography was breath-taking. Besides, with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, what’s not to like?

We have changed our plans slightly for tomorrow, as we will be staying at a hotel in Seattle, rather than a campground. This is to facilitate a quicker trip to Bellingham on Thursday morning to pick up something at a store there, then be over the border and at Holly’s by 2:00, so we can surprise Celie when we pick her up at school. Tomorrow’s drive is only 4 1/2 hours, so it should be a more relaxed day.

One thought on “October 8

  1. It seems to me that you have really made tracks on this trip. What happened to Mt. Rushmore or was the snow detour the cause of missing it? it will be good to be home I am sure and Celie will be delighted.

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