December 30

December 30
(Un)Orthodox Residents and Belly Flops

We slept in a bit this morning and awoke to a sunny mild day. This is a pretty spot, aptly named Canyon Creek because it is in a canyon and there is a creek; go figure.

There is a resident couple here who are perhaps charitably described as “free thinkers” when it comes to their attire. When we passed by their site, he was sitting outside dressed in what can only be described as the full-on garb of a Greek Orthodox priest, complete with staff and gold lined cape. If this was designed to fool people, we didn’t bother to point out that the fur-lined slippers and the hash pipe he was smoking kind of gave it away. His significant other was attired in colourful robes, head covering and staff. Together, they presented quite the image of sartorial splendour.
We decided to head into Fairfield, about half an hour away, with the intention of doing a tour of the Budweiser factory, and the Jelly Belly factory. We went 1 for 2, as the Budweiser tours do not start again until January 2. We got directions to the Jelly Belly factory (about 5 minutes away) from the security office, and headed back to the parking lot. We met another family on their way in and gave them the bad news. They had just come from the Jelly Belly tour and tipped us to the fact that, in order to avoid the lengthy lineups, we could go upstairs to a room where you could purchase a wine-tasting/chocolate pairing package (complete with souvenir wine glasses), and then jump directly onto the factory tour. Sounded good to us, so we did exactly that. We met a lovely American couple at our table and had a wonderful time swilling wine and eating bonbons together. The factory tour was really interesting, with lots of samples along the way. Good fun:

You can see the lineup in the background

You can see the lineup in the background

Main entrance

Main entrance



Jelly Belly art:

We could not leave without purchasing a few bags of “Belly Flops”, Jelly Bellies that are culled out because they are not the right size for regular store sales.
We completed the day by going to a nearby mall, grabbing a quick burger at Red Robin, then taking in a movie (Grudge Match), which we quite enjoyed. We got back to the campsite around 8:00, watched a couple of episodes of West Wing (second time around), then hitting the sack.

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