December 31

December 31
A Happy California New Year To All

In preparation for the resort’s New Year’s Eve dinner tonight, we kicked back a bit and did some laundry, then spent some time reading by the creek:

California readin'

California readin’

On the way to the laundry, we passed our (Un)Orthodox friend again. He had changed into his casual wear, a set of royal blue flowing robes; same fuzzy slippers however. I love California.
We went to he dinner around 6:00 (attended by about 25 people, including a few families with kids. At the door, you were invited to select a hat, mask, blower or some combination thereof. We sat at a table with a younger couple, who were very nice. The dinner was plated, and the food was quite good. There was a cash bar, but many people, including ourselves, brought their own, We had packed one of the last bottles of sparkling wine from Matt and Nichol’s wedding, so we thought of them in Costa Rica. after dinner the DJ cranked up the music, which made it difficult to converse, but when the kids all decided to blow their party horns in time with the music, the four of us decided to bid the party farewell, and went to spend the next couple of hours sitting in Lucy and having a very pleasant time. We almost, but not quite made it to midnight!

One thought on “December 31

  1. your trip is so much fun to read and I love the pictures. I suppose you are moving on as i right this note…love you

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