January 2

January 2
We’ve Got A Ticket To Ride

We awoke this morning to a mild sunny day and made the decision to spend our time here in the resort, instead of doing day trips and having to descend and ascend the rather intimidating twisty road. We went on an exploratory walk, then returned to Lucy to spend some time doing what we both like best:





We were closely supervised by one of the many local woodpeckers:

Later in the afternoon, we caught up on e-mail, then headed for the hot tub (a little too hot!), and got into conversation with the folks in the neighbouring campsite. They are very familiar with the area, and are going down to the valley to a Casino about an hour away to see a Beatles tribute show. They offered to take us with them, so we are looking forward to that. We have rented “Django Unchained” from the General Store, so that will be our evening’s entertainment.

One thought on “January 2

  1. Well how did you like the movie??? how did you like the casion???/ Did I mention that the electrical wiring on the trailer is shorting so we will be delayed tomorrow??? oh well as long as we get to Florida in time for my flight back to Toronto!!! love you both…enjoy your stay

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