January 3

January 3

The Price Was Right

Although it was a bit long and brutally violent (typical Quentin Tarantino), we quite enjoyed “Django Unchained” last night. Before settling in to watch it, we had spent a very pleasant hour or so in front of a roaring fire in the Adult Centre, engaged in some interesting conversation with two gay couples and their friends, who live in the Palm Springs area and gave us some good tips on places to go and things to see.
The weather remains just about perfect, with sunny skies and very mild temperatures. We had some guests for breakfast:



There are several grey squirrels in the area, two of whom decided to play hide and seek around and under Lucy. One eventually climbed up into the engine block, and I had to open the hood and chase him out. We went for a walk, then spent much of the rest of the day reading, quilting and down at the hot tub, where we met two other couples who knew each other and had gone to or taught Engaged Encounter or Marriage Encounter.
We have just returned from the Spotlight 29 Casino in Palm Springs, where we took in a Beatles Tribute show by a band called “Revolver”, who were very good; very loud, but very good. The bonus was that it was free. We hung around with the friends who took us there, and had 20 minutes worth of fun losing $5.00 on the slots.
We have made a slight change in plans, as we are leaving tomorrow instead of Sunday so we can spend a night at Joanne Mawhinney’s place in Blythe.

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