January 4

January 4

The “Pride” Of Silent Valley; Mass In Motion; A Blythe Birthday

As we were preparing to leave the Silent Valley campground this morning to head for Blythe, the “Pride Parade” (one of the gay couples from the other night) came by with their two puppies:

Cooper and Astro

Cooper and Astro

They insisted we come to their campsite, where they proudly fly both the U.S. and Rainbow flags from a tall flagpole they carry with them. We were soon joined by the other two couples. They are among the most welcoming and joyful people we have met yet, and we spent a very pleasant half-hour chatting with them. After exchanging contact info, we finished packing up and left. As I mentioned, the resort is on top of a mountain at about 3500′ elevation. Here are a couple of pictures we took of Banning and the Coachella Valley on the way down:

We arrived at Joanne’s place in Blythe at around 12:45, and parked beside her:

We walked around he community and met some of her friends. We attended the 6:00 Mass in town, at the same church we went to last year. Since it is still the Christmas season liturgically, the church is still decorated (complete with three trees on the altar which rotate slowly on their stands). Same exuberant, joyful priest from last year, who still rocks from foot to foot during every song, and moves around the altar at warp speed. Spinning Christmas trees and a dancing priest; who could ask for more?
Since it was Joanne’s birthday, she, her friends and ourselves went to “La Casita Dos” for dinner. We went back to Del and Collette Collins’ home (just around the corner from Joanne) for cake. After a full day, we headed for bed when we got back. Not to rub it in, but the weather is warm and sunny here.

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