January 10

January 10

“State Prison ahead; do not pick up hitchhikers” (seen along the I-10 highway)


We left about 8:30 after saying goodbye to Joyce, and headed for Camp Verde. Jeannine did the bulk of the driving, mostly on the freeway, and after a few fuel stops, we arrived at about 5:00, having lost an hour at the border.  The temperatures here are definitely much cooler, but the scenery makes up for it, and it is sunny. In this campsite, we are on the dark side of the WiFi moon, so will have to post blog entries at the local MacDonalds. We will be visiting Sedona, of course, and have picked up some ideas for some other activities. We will be staying until Wednesday, then heading for Glendale for a couple of Holiday Inn nights, taking in the Canucks/Coyotes game on Thursday night.



One thought on “January 10

  1. Thelma and Louise would probably have picked up the hitchhiker, and then have formulated some ideas for some other activities . . . . Wait. Maybe that was Aileen Wuornos. Hope meditation at dawn is on your list. Good pre-hockey activity.

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