January 13

January 13
Lunch, Dinner And A Movie

We drove to Sedona in the morning under a bright blue sky. As we came into West Sedona, Jeannine spotted a quilting store, which appeared small from the outside, but contained an overwhelming amount of material and quilting supplies. Outside the store, there was an announcement of a quilt display at the Sedona Library, just a couple of blocks away. The library itself is a beautiful building, set among trees and built with local materials. I particularly liked this sculpture outside the main entrance:
We spent some time looking at the quilts hanging from the ceiling, then noticed an announcement that there would be a free showing of a film that evening in the community room of the library at 6:00. The film was “albert Nobbs, starring Glenn Close, nominated for 3 Academy Awards, so we decided to come back and see it.
We continued on into Sedona proper, and spent the rest of the afternoon re-acquainting ourselves with this lovely town. We both love it here, not just because of its physical setting, but because it is one of those places that has some indefineable quality that makes us feel quite at home; it’s hard to explain. We walked down one side of the mainstreet, the stopped for a light lunch:
We then walked up the other side of the street, made a few purchases, then stopped at the Taos Cantina for a Happy Hour dinner:

On our way back to pick up Lucy, we spotted this:

Only in Sedona?

Only in Sedona?

Sedona sunset:


We headed back to the Library and watched the movie, which was excellent, and arrived back at the campground around 8:30. One interesting thing we noted as we left town was that the local MacDonald’s is built of the local red stone and sports a green “M” instead of the usual yellow one.


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