On The Road Again… December 22-April 5

Checking more items off the Bucket List

This time, we are headed for both familiar and unfamiliar territory. On December 22, we are leaving the rainy west coast of BC for (hopefully) sunnier climes on the west coast of California and Baja Mexico. We will be spending our first Christmas away from home in Silverton Oregon, and plan on attending Christmas Eve Mass at St. Mark’s, a lovely little church we attended last year. On December 28, we will be in Pasadena to attend a 5-day Rally put on by Fantasy RV Tours. While there, we will be dry camping at the Santa Anita Racetrack, helping to decorate the company float, attending the Parade of Roses (a long-standing item on Jeannine’s bucket list), and taking in the Rose Bowl game on a big screen TV.

After the Rally, we will be spending the next few weeks resort-hopping through southern California and Arizona, re-visiting old favourites such as Sedona and Blythe, and a few new destinations including Quartszite and Bisbee. On February 8, we will be in Chula Vista California to join a Caravan (again through Fantasy RV Tours) leaving on February 10 for a 37-day tour of the Baja Peninsula, including an opportunity to do some up-close and personal whale-watching (a long-standing item on Chris’s bucket list). Our itinerary is below:


We return to Chula Vista on March 17 and will begin our return home up the coast on Highways 1 and 101, planning to arrive back in Courtenay on or around March 26.

Throughout the trip, I will be updating this blog as often as possible; however, during the Rose Bowl and Baja sections of the journey, access to reliable Wifi will be limited, so there may be some periods of time without an update. I will be writing a running series of entries during that time, and will post everything when we return from the dark side of the Wifi moon. In the meantime, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday season.

Here is a rough map of our wanderings:

Pasadena Baja Trip 2014-2015

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