December 22


December 22

Bad Border Guard, Good Border Guard

We were on the road by 5:40 A.M., and after the required stop to pick up Egg McMuffins and coffee, we got to Duke Point in time for the 7:45 ferry, which was only about 1/3 full. We were at the Peace Arch crossing by 10:30 and predictably endured about an hour wait to reach the booth manned by The Border Guard Christmas Forgot. After a few curt questions, he bestowed upon us the dreaded “Orange Sticker” and directed us to the Inspection Building. After apparently being in the wrong line for several minutes, we were “found” by The Border Guard Christmas Remembered, who pulled us out of the line and over to his station. He was friendly and pleasant and had me quickly fill out a card of questions. He went over the answers, then took the keys and he and his partner went out to inspect Lucy. Amazingly, he was back in 5 minutes, handed me the keys, praised Jeannine’s Christmas table runner, wished us a Merry Christmas, and we were on our way.

We stopped in Bellingham to pick up a few groceries, then drove to The Cedars RV Resort, a few minutes north in Ferndale. We received a warm friendly welcome. The only problem with camping at Christmas is the crowds:




We are off to Silverton Oregon tomorrow, where we will be spending Christmas. It is a 5-hour drive, and we have been advised to leave around 10:00, rather than the early start we had been considering. This will allow much of the Seattle rush hour (which begins around 5:00 A.M.) to dissipate, and still get us there by late afternoon.


One thought on “December 22

  1. i have been thinking about you both all day. Thanks for blogging. We need to have a better picture of the Christmas runner. It looks very nice and so does the driver with the beer! Happy Trails.

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