January 5

January 5

Hockey Night in Palm Springs; Hospital Horror Story

Jeannine went to Aquacise this morning while I finally managed to get the blog entry for the past few days posted. Other than that we had a relaxing day poking around some of the park models for sale or lease in the park (no, we’re not quite at that stage yet). While at Aquacise, Jeannine managed to wangle us an invitation to watch the Gold Medal Junior Hockey game at the 5th-wheel home of an older couple who have a satellite setup. He had just returned from a brief hospital stay, due to a fall he had which cracked a vertebrae in his neck. We got talking about medical insurance, and it turned out that the guy in the bed next to him (a Canadian) had recently developed lung and chest congestion problems, which ultimately put him in the ICU for a few days. His family wanted to fly him home, but the airlines would not take him until his condition stabilized. Total bill; $310,000: Insurance; none. He was only going to be down here for 3 weeks, so he didn’t bother atking out insurance. As a result, he is probably going to lose his house. Lesson: never, ever travel to the States without medical insurance!

We had a great time watching the game, especially because of the result. Good people, good conversation, and yet another example of the kindness of strangers. It really is nice here:

Our little Palm Springs home

Our little Palm Springs home


One thought on “January 5

  1. I am just reading emails and blogs etc. arriving in Florida last night. Your van looks wonderful and the place looks lovely. How long are you staying there? I read this blog after the others but all of them are so fun to read. I am thinking that Canada won the game but to be honest we didn’t hear anything on our route. we are just getting settled in our place and it really it quite lovely.
    Lisa and Carolyn and Stephen and Jonathan are coming down later in the month.
    will you leave me a sort of itinerary of where you will be ? I’ll email tomorrow.
    love you

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