January 6

January 6

New Shoes Are Unbroken

We decided to make today a shopping day and in late morning, headed for a couple of Outlet Malls in Cabazon, about 30 minutes west of here. Given the high end nature of the stores, all we actually bought were some running shoes for each of us at a pretty reasonable price. Jeannine was looking for a pair of sunglasses, but the cheapest pairs started at $80.00. Enough said. The rest of the time was spent window shopping, although we did indulge in lunch at Starbucks.

We headed back to the theatre in Rancho Mirage to see “Unbroken”, which was a little hard to watch in places, but was very good and for us at least, lived up to the hype. We then went to a Walmart next door to pick up a few groceries (and a nice pair of sunglasses for $24.00), before heading home. As often as we come down to the States, the cultural shock of walking through Walmart and seeing bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey flanked by stuffies on one side and packages of gum on the other never seems to wear off.


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