January 7

January 7

When Does The Fun Begin? Turn Out the Lights, The Pot-Luck’s Over

We went to aquacise this morning (yes, I said we), an hour and a quarter session (somehow it seemed longer than that…), led by the fellow we watched the hockey game with, complete with neck brace. He was a Sociology professor at UBC among other professions, and seems to really know his physiology as well, judging by the full range of exercises he put us through, designed to work seemingly every muscle in the body, including some I didn’t know I had. It wa a good workout, but one I may pay for tomorrow!

At 5:00 we went to the clubhouse for a very pleasant pot-luck dinner with about 20 other people. A microphone was passed around and everyone said where they were from, how long they had been here and told a joke if they felt like it. It was very nice, but when dinner was over, it was over; 5 minutes after finishing, everyone except us and one other couple were packed up and gone. A bit strange.


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