January 9-10

January 9

Where’s Walter? (For You “Breaking Bad” Fans)

Went into Desert Hot Springs to kill some time and buy a few groceries, then grabbed some breakfast before heading for Winterhaven, a 3 hour drive through the desert:

Sand dunes just west of Winterhaven

Sand dunes just west of Winterhaven

Shortly after this picture was taken, we spotted, a few hundred yards into the desert, an old Class C RV parked out in the middle of the desert, with a couple of lawn chairs beside it. All that was missing was Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in their white suits. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a picture of it. We arrived in Winterhaven at about 2:30, only to find out that it was really 3:30 because they are on Arizona time here (Arizona time stays the same year-round. We went to a communal hamburger dinner and stayed to play Bingo. No winnings to speak of, but we met some really nice people at our table. Internet service is pretty sketchy, so I may not be able to post this until we drive into Yuma.

January 10

Instant Sangria Party!

We spent a pretty relaxed day. At bingo last night, we met a really nice couple from Bowmanville Ontario (can’t seem to get away from Canadians down here 🙂 ). They took their motorbike into Yuma and bought a new anode rod for our water heater, then helped install it. Jeannine went up to the pool while I waited for them to return, but found the pool unheated, and too cold, even for her. There is a hot tub, but it is quite small. This is a nice enough resort with very friendly staff, but the lack of a heated pool and truly terrible Wifi service makes it unlikely that we would return here. Once again, we have had to resort to good old McD’s to check email and post the blog. Our friends stayed for Happy Hour, and another fellow we had met last night came by, got talking about some blackberries he had in his freezer, and that led to a discussion about sangria recipes, which in turn led to the arranging of an instant sangria party at his RV this afternoon. (We donated the wine).

After dinner, we started a fire in the communal sheltered fire pit right behind our site. The free firewood is very dry and dense and burns beautifully. Nobody else showed up, but we enjoyed the fire anyway. If we have another fire tonight, I’ll post a picture of it next time.

I’ll leave you with this one that we heard at our last resort:

Four guys go hunting for a few days. There are two small cabins, each of which has two beds. Harry is a very loud snorer, so Charlie agrees to sleep in the cabin with him the first night. The next morning Charlie appears at breakfast haggard and with bags under his eyes. When asked how it went, he replied “I couldn’t get to sleep with Harry’s snoring, so I sat up and watched him all night.” The next night Bill agrees to take a turn; next morning, same story. On the third night, Bob, a ruggedly handsome cowboy type takes his turn, The next morning, he appears bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. When asked what happened, he said” Well, when it was bed-time, I tucked Harry in and kissed him goodnight and went to sleep. He sat up the rest of the night and watched me!”

All of the photos we have taken so far are up on my Fotki site. Click on the link below:




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