January 11

January 11

It Never Rains in Arizona.. Well, Almost Never; Death By Karaoke

We went into Yuma this morning and picked up some groceries, then attended 11:00 Mass at St. Francis of Assisi. After Mass we stopped in at a McDonald’s to use their Wifi to post to the blog and catch up on email. After returning back to the RV park, the weather, which had started out a bit grey and cool, decided to become rainy. Jeannine called Mickie and we had a nice conversation with her. At 3:00 we all gathered around the fire with nibblies and Gary’s home made sangria, which turned out great. We passed the next 4 hours in good conversation, sharing our travelling experiences:


Later in the evening, we went up to the clubhouse in hopes of watching Downton Abbey on the TV, only to find that we were pre-empted by “Karaoke with Barb”, which in reality, turned out be “Karaoke by Barb”, as she was pretty much the only performer in front of about 10 seniors. God bless her, she was doing her best and we had to giver her credit, but if I heard one more rendition of a hurtin’ country song by Hank Williams or Willie Nelson, I felt like I’d be taking a long look at the pill bottle. When the crowd started bad-mouthing the Dixie Chicks (we keep being reminded of what a right-wing Republican part of the country this is), and then she launched into “I’m walkin'”, we took that as an omen and decided that it was time to cut our losses and do some walkin’ of our own back to Lucy for the night.

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