January 15

January 15

Holiday Inn and Hockey; Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt

We left for Glendale around 10:00 this morning after saying goodbye to our Bowmanville friends. Turns out we may run into them again later in the month. We hope so, as we developed a nice relationship with them. After a stop in Gila River for fuel and lunch, we arrived at the Holiday Inn (the same one we stayed at last year) at around 3:30. At 6:00, we made the 15-minute walk over to the arena to watch the Flames-Coyotes game, which Calgary won 4-1. You may recall that 2 years ago, Jeannine got a Coyotes t-shirt by pick-pocketing the girl doing the t-shirt tossing. This time I got one the legitimate way; the shirt, which was tightly folded, bounced off the hands of 2 or 3 people before landing on the step right beside me; all I had to do was reach over and grab it. Good fun all around.

After making a stop at the Camping World store a few minutes from here, we will make the 2-hour drive to our next stop in Ehrenburg on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, where we will be for a week.


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