January 16-18

January 16-18

Blue Skies and Bluegrass

After a stop at Camping World, where we picked up folding table (very few RV parks have picnic tables), which we will use for the portable barbecue and Jeannine’s quilting, we then made the uneventful 2-hour drive to the Arizona Oasis resort in Ehrenburg, which is right on the Colorado River. We spent an hour after supper in the pool and hot tub, watching a beautiful sunset. We were the only ones there, so it was very peaceful.

On Saturday morning, we drove over to Blythe to spend the day with Joanne and Dave at the 28th Annual Blythe Bluegrass Festival.




The weather was perfect; clear blue sky with the temperature in the low 70’s Fahrenheit. I know Bluegrass is not to everyone’s taste, but c’mon, how can you not love songs with lyrics like “The only thing you left me when you left me was no choice”, and “She always looks better through the bottom of my glass”. You certainly haven’t lived until you have heard Chuck Berry’s “Nadine” played by a traditional bluegrass band. Between sets, we walked around a quilt show, and were particularly struck by this one:


It was a great afternoon.

After returning to Rancho Ventana (Joanne’s resort), we went to a community soup and salad dinner and dance. We returned home at around 9:30.

On Sunday the Mass in English in Blythe was at 8:00 AM, a little too early for us, so we stayed put for the day, reading, quilting and attending the ice cream social at 3:00. Before supper, we took a walk along the river, then went back up to the pool and hot tub and watched a beautiful sunset. Again, we were the only ones there, although there are a lot of people in the park. Strange.


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