January 21

January 21 “Help! I’m Stuck In The Gravel and I Can’t get Out.”: A Tale of Two Tows

We went to Quartzsite today to the RV show, but the visit wasn’t quite what we expected, in more ways than one. The road leading in to the show area was paved, but the off-road areas on either side were a mix of sand and gravel. Even at 10:00 A.M. parking spots were at a premium, so when we spotted a couple of pickups parked a couple of hundred metres off the road with parking space beside them, we happily pulled off and headed in their direction. Two minutes later, we were up to our axles in soft sandy gravel. Tried rocking it out, to no avail. Suddenly a pickup truck appears, driven by an older guy, who offers to pull us out in return for a “donation”. Sounded good to me, so he hooked up a strap to my tow hitch. The first try was only partially successful, and we were just getting ready for a second attempt when a second pickup, sporting a towing company logo, roared up beside me. The driver asked me if I had AAA coverage; I said yes, so he said “Don’t even think about dealing with this guy; he’s a con artist who preys on people like you all the time.” The other guy told him to watch his mouth, but the towing company guy told him to buzz off (or words to that effect!) At this point, I was seriously wondering who was going to pull a handgun first. After a few more macho verbal exchanges, the first guy backed down and drove off. Five minutes later, the second driver cleared everything with BCAA and had me back on the road. We eventually found a parking space and wandered around the zoo that calls itself the Quartzsite RV show, which was not quite what we had envisioned. They had a huge white tent jammed with vendors of everything you can imagine, much of it having little if anything to do with RV’s. We had expected to see displays of RV models from different manufacturers, but there was only one dealer outside the tent whose stock consisted only of Class A (bus-style motorhomes) up to 42 feet long, and fifth-wheel trailers. We went into a number of them, including one which retails for $700,000 Canadian, and has what seems to be the same square footage as our house. It was a peek inside a completely different world, inhabited by folks whose investment portfolios probably contain a large percentage of Apple, bank and oil stocks. This was cool though: DSC_0348 We returned home in the early afternoon and gave thanks for our modest little home on wheels! This is our world, and we’re happy in it!

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