January 24

January 24

Button, Button, Don’t Touch the Button

The button on the thermostat which controls the temperature, that is. We had it set for 65 degrees Fahrenheit (the outside temperature dropped to -5 Celsius last night), but at 2:00 in the morning, Jeannine decided to adjust the temperature. The first thing I knew about it was hearing “beep, beep..beep, beep, beep”, followed by “Oh no, I’ve done something wrong”. Long story short, I wound up having to reset the system (this entailed 20 minutes of searching search the manual for the correct procedure). My return to bed was greeted by a small voice saying “I’m really sorry”. All part of the RV experience!

We awoke to a bright sunny day, and decided to do some laundry before heading in to the town of Camp Verde.


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