February 13

February 13

Archeaological Find; Circling The Wagons; Walking Tacos; Starlight, Star Bright

The caravan left Ensenada at 7:30, and we began the 8-hour journey south to Catavina. The highway, while only two lanes, is reasonably well maintained for the most part, but due to the complete lack of shoulders and a sometimes severe drop off on each side, you have to stay focused at all times, as semis and buses coming towards you do not slow down and give no quarter.

News flash! Archaeologists have dug up several chapters which have apparently long been missing from the Mexican Driver’s Manual:

1. The section about what the double yellow line means.

2. The section about not passing around a blind curve.

3. The section about not carrying your entire family, young children included, in the back of a pickup.

4. The section that states that speed limit signs are the law, not just a suggestion.

As you may have guessed, we saw glaring examples of all this and more as we wended our way through two mountain ranges and a valley:


We had several fuel and rest stops, often to re-group, before moving on. Very windy in some stretches, and the road through the mountains was quite twisty, with large dips, which at times required slowing to a literal crawl to minimize the chance of damage.

As we approached Catavina, we passed through the “Rock Garden”, a geographical anomaly:



We’re not sure how they fertilize them.

Arriving at the camping area, we simply formed a series of concentric circles to provide shelter against what was quite a strong wind when we arrived, but thankfully died down as the evening progressed. As soon as everyone was settled, our wagonmasters and tailgunners provided a “walking tacos” cookout, something we will try out at home. You start at one end with a snack-size bag of Doritos, which you crush before opening the bag. You then progress down the table, adding pre-cooked ground beef and all the other typical taco toppings on top of the crushed Doritos in the bag. Grab a plastic fork, mix it all together and enjoy. Everything goes in the garbage when finished; no muss, no fuss:


Follow this with a campfire:


Before heading to bed, look up into a night sky practically free of light pollution and gaze at an absolutely brilliant blanket of stars. The long day’s drive doesn’t seem quite so bad. Off to Guerrero Negro tomorrow.



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