February 17

February 17

A Loreto Look-around; Laundry and Lounging

After a well-deserved shower this morning, Terry and Jan, a couple of our Canadian friends here, took us into Loreto to do some grocery shopping, after stopping at the hotel to drop off some laundry. After stopping at a viewpoint to take a picture:


we drove around Loreto for a while to sight-see; it is quite a pretty little place, with a lovely Malecon (beachfront walk), where we stopped for a few minutes to watch the pelicans dive for fish.



They have a lot of infrastructure projects underway, and a lot of repair work due to the hurricane a few months ago.

We found the grocery store and did the shopping, then returned to the park to spend some time lounging around the hotel pool and managing to send an e-mail letting everyone know we were still alive. I discovered an elusive species trying to camouflage itself among the bougainvillea:


Happy hour and taco salads at the Wagonmaster’s rig to round out the day.


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