February 18

February 18

Mission Impossible; A Mexican Tom Sawyer

This morning, we carpooled up to a very old Mission up in the mountains behind Loreto, an hour’s drive. We went with our tailgunners, Erich and Carol. Their dog was left behind to guard the rig:


It was a beautiful drive:

Loreto and Sea of Cortez in the background

Loreto and Sea of Cortez in the background

Here is the background info on the Mission:



and a couple of pictures of the temple building:

Main altar

Main altar

From the back

From the back

It was very moving, knowing that it was begun over 300 years ago, and almost everything had to be brought through the canyon by oxcart and mule power. It seems like an impossible task, given what they had to work with. Standing with the wind blowing around us, you realized that this is what they would have felt three centuries ago. The unanswered question for us was why they chose to build it so far inland; most other missions were established much closer to the coast.

When we returned in early afternoon, we found this Mexican Tom Sawyer whitewashing the wall by tossing the whitewash onto the wall with a bleach bottle: (for those of you unfamiliar with Tom Sawyer, Google the story called “Whitewashing the fence” from “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain).


Jeannine spent some time at the pool while I took care of some repairs to our table. We barbecued some steaks for dinner. We leave tomorrow for Playa Tecolote, just north of La Paz, for our first set of beach camping days. We will be there for 3 nights before heading for Los Barriles for 3 nights. The weather has been beautiful for the last 3 days; may it continue!


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