February 19-24

February 19-24

Life’s A Beach (Except For The Bugbites!); “Steer”ing Committee Meeting On The Beach

This is a bit of an omnibus post, as I have fallen behind in my blogly duties. We spent a pleasant couple of days in Playa Tecolote, just outside La Paz. We were parked very near the beach and took advantage:



The water was warm enough that even I went swimming. We went into town with another couple to pick up some groceries, but otherwise it was a bit of kick-back time for us. We then left for Los Barriles, a fairly short drive. Again, we are only a short walk from the beach. The difference here is that it can get windy, with a strong onshore breeze, which brings out the kiteboarders:



The weather continues to be hot and sunny (try 90 degrees Fahrenheit at 9:00 A.M.), so the breeze is a welcome relief. Los Barriles is a lovely little town, probably the nicest place we have been to yet, quite clean and full of Canadians and Americans.

The only downside has been the no-see-ums (literally no bigger than a speck of pepper) that pack a powerful bite. Many of us are sporting the chicken-pox look; the bites raise welts similar to blackfly bites, but they have hung on for days, despite the application of every anti-itch medication known to man, and the constant ingestion of antihistamines. We’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

Today (24th), we carpooled up to the house of an American lady and her husband, who have lived here for 23 years and endured 6 hurricanes; it took 3 days to prepare for the last one (wrapping up paintings, taking down the satellite dish etc.), and they still wound up vacuuming up 25 gallons of water from the corner of their living room (the floor is sloped to facilitate that process), and one corner of their palm-thatched roof lifted. She is an artist who paints on glass; nice stuff, but expensive; we didn’t buy anything.

We went swimming in the afternoon, then had an early Happy Hour with some of our caravan friends at the beach restaurant, while a herd of unattended cattle came down to check out the beach:


We spent most of the evening sitting around outside our rig talking with some of our neighbours. Off to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow for four nights.


2 thoughts on “February 19-24

  1. Two words: banana peel. Seriously, rub banana peel on the bites that itch. If it can handle Costa Rican beasties, then it can handle Mexican beasties!

    Good to read that you’re still alive!


  2. Hi You Two,We have been enjoying your posts so much.  Sorry about the no seeums…I remember them from Tortola…nasty o the ankles as I particularly remember.Beth and the kids left yesterday and I am sure Mickie and Brian can once again get back to ready emails and blogs.  i would keep them informed as I have had more time.Our weather was really cold  a few days ago but we’re back to lovely temperatures.  Of course back in Ontario the weather continues to be brutal.Both Mickieand Brian and John and I are looking for a place for next year as the places we are in are both up for sale.  No luck yet so maybe we’ll go to Mexico to places you recommend.Love you both.  keep safe.Lorna

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