February 25

February 25

Crossing The Line; You Can’t Get There From Here; Bad Luck Strikes (Thankfully Not Us!)

Shortly after leaving Los Barriles, we crossed the Tropic of Cancer:



Factoid: coral does not grow south of the Tropic of Cancer because the sun is too high in the sky and too strong.

It was not an auspicious start to our stay in Cabo for a couple of our caravan members. While trying to make a tight left turn, one of the fifth wheels hit a concrete curb and blew a tire (the tire literally exploded), and badly bent the rim and axle. Luckily, his rig has two axles, so he was able to limp into the RV park. They will remove the axle and take it to a local welder tomorrow.

Shortly after everyone had gotten settled, we carpooled into Cabo so the Wagonmasters could show us where to arrange any activities we wanted to do the next day down by the the Marina. It did not end well, with several of the cars driving in circles around the one-way streets, while attempting to follow directions over walkie-talkies. It was a zoo, but we all finally managed to get together. We did suggest to the Wagonmasters that it would have been far better to rent a small bus to take us in and back. We stopped at a Walmart on the way back to pick up some groceries. Cabo seems to have recovered fairly well from September’s hurricane, but you can still see a lot of unrepaired damage.

Later that evening, another rig was broken into and had several items, including 2 computers and some cash, stolen while they were at the restaurant for dinner. They were parked in a far corner, right where a path led down from the service road above. The thieves jimmied their door, ransacked the trailer and disappeared, all while another couple was sitting out by their rig right next door and didn’t hear a thing. The police were called, and I was asked to help a bit in translation. Long story short, the police will “investigate”, and they were told to go and register a report the next day with the Secretariat of Tourism in Cabo. The couple subsequently moved their rig to a safer spot, but it kind of put the rest of us a bit on edge, and a little more careful about locking up everything of value.


2 thoughts on “February 25

  1. My gosh the things that can happen.  It sound like to me that this trip has not been attempted before.  You guys should be paid for experimentation!  Good thing you are all in this together.  it will be the stories you will tell but anything really negative will be forgotten or laughed about in years to come.  Drink up me hearty!!!Love you and love the blog and the pictures.  Went to see INto the Woods again with Mickie and Brian…the play…did I tell you that we saw it last week put on by amateurs in the beautiful new theatre here and they just did a terrific job.  First time for Mickie and Brian seeing the show andthey loved it.They come here tomorrow night and then leave for home on Monday.Still a lot of snow a cold weather in the north but it is warming up to 76 tomorrow here.Lorna

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  2. Wanted to wish you a Happy birthday Dad/Grandpa. Hope you are having an excellent time and having a birthday to remember. If there is any way for you guys to watch the game next Monday night on the 9th, Ruby, Jonathan and I will be behind the Anaheim net 3 rows from the ice. It starts at 7pm. Love and miss you both,
    Dave, Naomi and family

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