March 4

March 4

Of Shrines And Cows And The Spirit of Ingenuity

We had an uneventful drive to Puerto Escondido. Roadkill total: two dogs and a cow. One of the dogs was by the side of the road in the middle of a village, but appeared unnoticed by the cars and pedestrians passing by. I think they just let nature take its course and allow the ever-present turkey vultures to clean it up, all in good time.

Here’s a question; how are the following pictures related?




The answer, according to Eduardo (Mr. La Paz), is that most deaths on the Mex 1 Highway are caused by collisions with cows, which leads in turn to the presence of the dozens of shrines one passes by, some simple, some very elaborate, according, one would presume, to the relative wealth of the families of the victims.

We reached the RV park, which we stayed at on our way down, in early afternoon.

You have to admire this example of Mexican ingenuity; an old shower stall converted to a dumpster:


A short drive tomorrow to Bahia de Concepcion, where we will be beach camping for 3 nights.


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