March 7

March 7

Mexican Horror Movie: “When Good Sting Rays Go Bad”; Sting Operation At Buenaventura Beach

Today will certainly turn out to be one of our more memorable on this trip. Most of it was uneventful until Jeannine decided to go swimming, since the wind, which had been significant over the last couple of days, became non-existent, so the water in the bay was almost flat calm. She had been out about 45 minutes when I looked up to see her limping ashore, saying that she had been bitten by something. She was crossing a rocky area just offshore when something, in her words “hit her like a hammer” on the ankle. She was bleeding profusely from the wound; people gathered, including a retired neurosurgeon who is part of our caravan and took charge immediately. We laid her down and elevated her leg and iced it. The bleeding eventually stopped, but she was experiencing waves of intense pain, apparently akin to childbirth contractions. Two women were helping her breathe through the pain, while Herman, the doctor, dressed the wound (clearly a deep puncture). About 20 minutes later, we got her up and into bed with her foot elevated. The pain continued while I monitored any swelling or inflammation, and she was checked on constantly for the next while. Eventually, with the help of pharmaceuticals supplied by the retired pharmacist in the next-door rig, the pain subsided and she began to feel better.

The most likely culprit was a sting ray; according to the beach restaurant owner, this is their mating season, and they get a bit cranky. Would have been nice to have that bit of information before she went swimming. Anyway, by the time we had happy hour and a bonfire on the beach that night, she was up and feeling much better. We were able to enjoy the setting sun shining on the mainland mountains:



The dressing was changed and the wound showed no signs of swelling or inflammation, so perhaps the fact that she was stung right on a major vein, which bled a lot and the fact that she was walking through sea water with a high salt content worked in her favour. The dressing will be changed again before we leave for San Ignacio tomorrow.


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