March 8

March 8

Am I Blue?

No, but apparently the smoke coming from my exhaust pipe was, just after filling up at a Pemex station in Santa Rosalia, about an hour from our destination for today, the village of San Ignacio. Someone behind us noticed it, so we pulled over to check it out. It had disappeared by that time, so after waiting a while, we continued on up into the mountains. It was a bit of a white-knuckler for the first 50 kilometres or so, as I was spending 1/3 of my time watching for transport trucks coming at us, 1/3 watching my mirrors for blue smoke, and 1/3 watching the instrument panel for warning lights. Fortunately, everything seems to be normal. We arrived at the RV park in early afternoon; typically, it has minimal electricity and low water presssure, so I filled the fresh water tank and we are operating off that, as we are only here for one night. We spent the afternoon socializing with other caravaners, had dinner and sat outside in the cool breeze for awhile, then headed for bed. Off to Guerrero Negro tomorrow for 2 days, including the whale-watching tour on Tuesday. Jeannine’s wound appears to be healing nicely, with no inflammation and minimal pain, but she is still trying to keep off the foot as much as possible.

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