March 9

March 9

Passing Inspection; Take This With A Grain Of Salt

We all made it unscathed to Guerrero Negro on the Pacific side, although as one 18-wheeler was passing the caravan in the opposite direction, a voice was heard over the walkie-talkies saying “He almost got me!” We also had to undergo yet another military inspection; they searched every rig, but were, as always, polite and friendly about it. Unfortunately, our Canadian friends Jan and Terry lost a $30.00 flashlight to a soldier who took a liking to it. On the upside he did, in his fashion, ask if he could have it. When our Wagon master heard about it later, he said Terry should have refused, thereby giving the message that intimidation was not acceptable behaviour. Sounds good in theory; in practice, when the guy is carrying a gun bigger than you….

Guerrero Negro’s two claims to fame are that most of the grey whales breed here, as is demonstrated by this mural on the RV park wall:


and that it is home to one of the biggest salt production facilities anywhere in the world. It is a huge operation, covering some 100,000 acres. From the first collection of seawater into huge evaporation ponds to the loading of the 99.7% pure salt (both for use in table salt and for export to Japan, Colombia and the U.S.), the process takes a year to complete. We took a tour of the facilities:


120 tons in each car

120 tons in each car

Big Boys’ Toys:



Literal mountains of salt awaiting final washing with seawater and loading onto barges:



We had dinner in the park restaurant with our friends from Idaho, Mark and Mary, then went back to their rig for a bit. We embark on our whale-watching excursion tomorrow morning at 8:00.


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