March 18-19

March 18-19

Happiest Place On Earth

Sorry, at the end of the previous post, I should have said Wednesday and Thursday. We arrived here from Chula Vista around noon, and checked into the hotel. It was far too early for our room to be ready, so we parked Lucy and walked over to Disneyland, which took about 15 minutes. We spent the rest of the day there, then discovered the shuttle bus system from the park to the neighbouring hotels. Due to a mix-up in communication, the driver took us to the wrong Marriott hotel, and we had to get a taxi back to our hotel, arriving back around 10:30.

In the first half day, we managed to squeeze in a fair amount of activity, major highlights being the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride, a very professional show in the New Orleans Square amphitheatre, a ride on the Mark Twain Riverboat, and an evening sound and light production which words cannot possibly do justice to. Suffice to say that it was phenomenal, with incredible special effects such as images being projected onto a curtain of mist generated by powerful sprays of water.

Several attractions are not open, including Critter Country and Thunder Mountain, as they are being overhauled in preparation for summer. The park was not as crowded as we feared, although there are lots of out-of-state groups here, as it is Spring Break in many surrounding states, although not here. Here are a few pictures from Day 1:




Beauty and the Beast




This morning we had breakfast at the hotel and caught a shuttle bus back to the park. We began with a presentation called “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”; Walt Disney was a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln:



Disney was an early pioneer of animatronics; this Abraham Lincoln was difficult to tell from a real human being:


Two ways we got around:



We rode the monorail (the first in the western hemisphere), then decided to go to Tomorrowland and take in the “Star Tour” activity, which involved a simulated 3D Star Wars type ride through space with CP3O at the controls. Jeannine really enjoyed it; me, not so much. As soon as the doors closed on the small room, I developed an immediate case of claustrophobia, which, combined with the visual and physical experience, gave me what I am pretty sure was the first panic attack of my life. I actually had to close my eyes and ride it out. It was probably mild by most people’s standards, but it was a disconcerting experience for me, and completely unexpected.

We then went to the “Royal Theatre” for a very well done production of “Frozen”, done in an almost vaudeville style, with actors playing the principal roles, and “Mr. Smythe” and “Mr. Jones” playing everybody else. The kids loved it, as did we. We had lunch and a floor show (short but well done in a Pantomime style) at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon:


At 4:00, we got good seats for the daily Parade:



Robin Williams, RIP

Robin Williams, RIP






Jeannine wanted to go to the Indiana Jones ride, but given my experience earlier in the day, and having read the warnings about the nature of the ride, I decided not to join her, and headed back to the hotel. She returned a few hours later; she enjoyed the ride (and the cotton candy that followed), and confirmed that my decision to skip the ride was probably wise, but I’m sorry to have missed it nonetheless.

We are off to Hemet tomorrow for a 6 day Rally put on by Fantasy Tours, who we did the Rose Bowl Rally and Baja Tour with. After that, we will spend one or two days visiting Jack and Ruby, a couple we met earlier, then begin to wend our way home.


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